PAJL is launching more-and-more quality food products with its successive year-on-year growth. In order to enhance the taste of customers and cater to their requirements, PAJL has some notable upcoming fruit and vegetable products. Have a look at them: 

  1. The all-new flavour of Tomato Puree to twist your tongue. 
  2. Super healthy Kinnow Beverage with no added preservatives and sugar. 
  3. The superior-quality paste of chilli, ginger, and garlic. 
  4. Savoury honey chilli sauce and black carrot vinegar. 
  5. Appetizing Kinnow Carrot Juice and Dusheri Mango Pulp. 

Chilli Puree
A quintessential food staple for every kitchen! Its rich taste is what defines Chilli Puree from Five Rivers. Superbly mouth-watering yet spicy, try the finest chillies from the rich land of Punjab.

Ginger Garlic Paste
A dish is not a dish if it doesn’t contain the magical blend of ginger and garlic paste. With that said, Five Rivers Ginger Garlic paste is an immensely nutritious product to help you stew some of the most delicious foods.

Mustard Sauce
The popularity of mustard sauce is high in the food industry, which is why PAJL has the tasteful and spicy Five Rivers Mustard Sauce on its products list. Extracted from mustard seeds grown in the lush green fields of Punjab and adjoining regions, this is a must-have product for your kitchen.

Tomato Puree
Produced from high-quality red tomatoes of Punjab, Five Rivers Tomato Puree helps you add an unforgettable taste to your dishes. Savour the perfectly tangy and sweet taste of tomatoes packed in our 1.2 kg bottle of tomato sauce.