Procurement, storage and processing

With strenuous efforts, a good base of 5,000 farmers with an area of 15,000 acres is under organic certification regime. PAGREXCO is providing market linkages to the organic produce of the farmers by procuring the main crops at remunerative prices. It pays farmers 20-30% more price to the registered farmers for their produce. 

Subsequently, the produce is efficiently stored in the specialized cocoons in an organic way and processed at certified organic mills. In the end, the ready-to-serve product is sold under the brand name Five Riversthrough different means of marketing.

Processing Systems

Small-Scale Processing.

This is finished by small-scale farmers for individual means or available to be purchased in close by business sectors. In this framework, handling requires little venture: be that as it may, it is tedious and dreary. Up to this point, little scope handling fulfilled the requirements of rustic and urban populations. In any case, with the increasing pace of population and urbanization development and their progressively expanded food demands, there is a requirement for increasingly handled and enhanced sorts of food. 

Intermediate-Scale Processing.

In this size of preparing, a gathering of small-scale processors pool their assets. This should likewise be possible by people. Preparing depends on the innovation utilized by small-scale processors with contrasts in the sort and limit of gear utilized. The crude materials are typically developed by the processors themselves or are bought on contract from different farmers. These tasks are normally situated on the creation site so as to guarantee crude materials accessibility and decrease cost of transport. This arrangement of preparing can give amounts of handled items to urban territories. 

Large-Scale Processing. 

Preparing in this framework is exceptionally automated and requires a significant flexibility of crude materials for affordable activity. This framework requires an enormous capital speculation and high specialized and administrative aptitudes. Boosting accessibility of purchaser merchandise by augmentation of excellent, standard handled produce for interior and fare markets, lessening post-collect misfortunes, giving enhanced indigenous yields and expanding the volume and nature of rural yield.