Secondary processing

Secondary processing is the method used to turn primary processed foods into other food products either on their own or mixed with other ingredients. The physical form can change quite significantly as a result of secondary processing. Secondary process is directed towards producing B2C products like fruit beverages, Tomato ketchup, Tomato soup concentrate, Jams etc. These products are the next level of Primary Processing where the extracts of fruits are converted into consumable products that are ready for sale in retail markets.

In other words, secondary processing is the process of converting extracted produce/material/Pulp/Paste into beverages/ketchup/spreads etc. The primary processes are converted into other food products at both of our plants.

The final product obtained is ready-to-serve and displays the basic analytical characteristics equivalent to those of its fresh counterpart. Our secondary processing is B2C, ensuring that Fruit beverages, Ketchup, Jams etc. can be used for a number of purposes, do not spoil quickly, and are available all year (e.g. seasonal foods).