PAJL and its concern PAGREXCO produce several high-end fruit and vegetable products for reputed national and international brands. Five Rivers is their brand name for a wide range of fruit beverages, pulps and concentrates of different varieties, supplied to domestic as well as international customers or companies. What’s more interesting about the fruit beverages and other derivatives of PAJL is that they are made from fruits and vegetables, which are grown especially in the region e.g. kinnow and tomato. 

A Wide Range of Products under the Name Five Rivers 

PAJL has taken the production level even step further by preparing beverages without added sugar. It has launched a wide range of beverages and food accompaniments rich in taste and nutrition under the brand name ‘Five Rivers’. Have a look at them: 

Nutrition-Rich Fruit Beverages

Beverages produced and supplied under the PAJL’s hood are rich in nutrition and are available in multiple flavours. To give customers the most rejuvenating experience from the state of Punjab, PAJL has been passionately producing freshly processed fruit beverages in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1-litre PET bottles as well 200 ml.

Dusheri Mango Drink 

When we talk about the king of fruits – Mango, Dusheri is considered as one of its finest varieties. Available extensively in the State of Punjab, PAJL serves the impeccable taste and sweetness of Dusheri mango in Five Rivers Mango Drink to its valuable customers. 

Mandarin Kinnow Drink 

Taste the refreshing and flourishing world-renowned kinnows of Punjab in the Mandarian Kinnow Drink of Five Rivers. PAJL has introduced a brand-new fruit beverage in India to delight its customers.  

Guava Drink

Though guava is not native to our country, yet India is its 5th largest producer in the world. With that said, treat yourself with the fresh and matchless flavour of the Five Rivers Guava Drink.

Litchi Drink

For the people who can’t resist themselves from sipping litchi drinks, PAJL has launched something very tasteful and refreshing for them. Do yourself a favour and treat your taste buds with the distinctive flavour of Five Rivers Litchi Drink. 

Mixed Fruit Drink

To enhance your taste and health, Mixed Fruit Drink from Five Rivers is produced from the rich fruit bowl of locally grown fruits. Savour the irresistible yet healthy beverage from the land of Punjab. 

High-End Fruit Beverage Concentrates

One of the highly praised products of PAJL is its impeccable fruit beverage concentrates. They are precisely processed and are seven times more concentrated than normal beverages. Thus, the concentrates are adequate to enrich the taste. Available in 3 kg jar, 40 kg drum (Institutional Pack), and other packages, the concentrates are easy-to-store so that you can relish whenever you desire. 

Mixed Fruit Jam

Burst with the mélange of fruit doses, Five Rivers Fruit Jam is an exciting blend of a variety of salubrious fruits to give you pleasure. Available in 650 grams glass jars, add a little spoon of happiness into your life.

Kinnow Marmalade

An urge to tempt your taste with fresh fruits, is what all-new Five Rivers Kinnow Marmalade is all about! This particular food product is rich in Vitamin-C and high-carbohydrate content and comes in 650 grams glass jars. 

Tomato Ketchup

Experience an absolute taste of tomato sauce from the tangy, juicy and nutritious tomatoes from Punjab’s fertile farmland. Blended with a unique combination of spices and condiments, Five Rivers Tomato Ketchup is available in 1 kg glass bottles and 8 grams sachets.

Continental Sauce

Taste the exclusive and appetizing flavour of Punjab’s fresh tomatoes with Five Rivers Continental Sauce. The product is properly balanced to enhance everyone’s unique taste. All you need is a dash of this sauce for your food bash.  

PAJL’s food and vegetable products named Five Rivers truly signifies its deep association with the food bowl of India – Punjab. In addition, Five Rivers export Chilli paste to Gulf countries, a promising market for the food products.