Primary processing

The primary processing involves a range of processes to make food safe to eat so that it can be consumed individually or used in the manufacture of other food products. It is that stage of processing where we carry out extraction of fruit and vegetable Juices/concentrates/Pulp/ Paste to be used for Business to Business (B2B) purposes. These extracted Juices/concentrates/Pulp, Paste are preserved in suitable aseptic packages of different quantities and have an increased shelf life of minimum 2 years.

So, in simpler words, primary processing is the process of extracting Juices/concentrates/Pulp/Paste in bulk from fruits and vegetables and preserving it for B2B usage. The extracted vegetable and fruit juices are generally 7 times concentrated than normal Fruit & Vegetable juice.

Both our plants are well-equipped to carry out primary processing. These plants help preserve food after harvesting and make it ready-to-use for the manufacturing of food products. The entire primary processing is B2B, ensuring that raw food products like Juices/concentrates/Pulp/ Paste are ready to transport, store, and process into other products by businesses.