Retail Outlets

At present, PAIC is running three petrol pumps on its own. They are taking dealership from IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) and also receiving lease money at the following three sites:

Sr. No  Name of the station District Lease money    per month as per agreement (10% increase after every five years)  Date of Agreement Lease Period
Ludhiana Ludhiana 19050 25/01/2001 30 Years
Behram  SBS Nagar 8000 24/012001 30 Years
Ahrana kalan Hoshiarpur 6400 23/01/2001 30 Years

PAIC gets its commission from the selling amount of petrol, diesel, and lubricants. The norm commission rates are as follow: 

  • For Petrol – Rs. 3.27 per liter.
  • For Diesel – Rs. 2.19 per liter.
  • For XP – 3.51 per liter.