PPC (Primary Processing Centre)

The primary processing centres which will be situated close to regular total focuses will serve various assortment habitats lying in closeness. The essential handling habitats will give offices capacity, arranging evaluating cleaning and so forth. A portion of the PPCs may likewise house offices for doing essential handling like pulping and squeezing. Every primary processing centre will likewise have transportation offices like refrigerated vans, trucks and so on for transportation of merchandise from the assortment habitats and to the central processing centre. Storage facilities will incorporate every single climate distribution center and cold stockpiling/adjusted temperature stockpiles any place required.

The Ladhowal MFP has set up four PPCs, also known as Spokes or Regional Centres. These are distinctly located in Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, Abohar, and Talwandi Sabo working efficiently for the sustainable supply of raw materials. 

Agriculture produce would reach these spokes (PPCs) where a well-equipped unloading facility ensures that all produce reaching the spokes are sent to manual sorting/grading section smoothly within minimum time and wastage. Then the produce would be transported through trucks to reach the hub in the most efficient manner. The spokes provide the necessary infrastructure for the procurement of food products from the farmers.  

Core Processing

 Core processing offers washing, sorting, grading, and crafting facilities to help farmers sell their produce to the food park directly. All of the four PPCs are enabled with cold and dry warehouses, ranging from 200 tons to 600 tons of storing capacity.

Non-Core Processing

The PPCs compromise fully-furnished modern facilities including non-core processing. This includes office space, business centre, dormitories, halls, and much more.

The expected outcome of the MFP is an increased income for farmers, the creation of high-quality food processing infrastructure, reduction in wastage, and creation of an efficient supply chain along with significant employment.