The Mega Food Park will have a Central Processing Center as the cores of all worth expansion activities encouraged by Primary Processing Centers, which will go about as the purpose of total and essential taking care of to be prepared to utilize crude materials to be handled further in the units to be set up in the CPC. The assortment communities which will be overseen by nearby business people will fill in as homestead level collection focuses for abutting territories inside a sweep of around 10 Kms. The assortment communities, while filling in as the essential hubs for the Mega Food Park system will likewise improve farm level worth acknowledgment by giving direct market access to the farmers. Additionally it is normal that the assortment habitats will in course of time develop as focuses of provincial business accordingly prodding financial movement in the territory. The Central Processing facility will be a mechanical park spread over a region of around 50 sections of land and will house various preparing units possessed by various business houses. Created plots of land will be given to the huge and fair sized units while Common Design Factory Sheds will be given to little scope units. The recreation center will give basic offices, for example, water, power and emanating treatment separated from particular offices like cold stockpiling, product lodging, coordination and in reverse incorporation through the system of essential preparing focuses and assortment focuses.

The hub or the Mega Food Park, CPC (Core Processing Centre) is situated in Ladhowal, Ludhiana. This part of the park is outfitted with equipment and facilities to provide high-tech solutions for processing and distribution of agricultural produce. It is processed for the development of common infrastructure, including core processing, basic infrastructure, and non-core infrastructure:


Core Processing Infrastructure

The core processing comprises food sorting and grading, packaging, dry warehouse, silos, cold warehouse, spiral freezer, deep freezer, IQF, QC Lab, etc. It also houses food testing labs and development centres for forthcoming entrepreneurs to build processing units for agricultural products, procured from the farmers. Here are some notable core processing facilities integrated at MFP: 

  1. 5 dry warehouses, each with a storage capacity of 2,000 MT.
  2. 2 well-designed food grain silos, each with a storage capacity of 5,000 MT.
  3. 4 well-constructed chillers with a storage capacity of 1,100 MT each. 
  4. 4 well-equipped frozen stores with a storage capacity of 250 MT each.
  5. Ready-to-build developed plots for food processing companies and investors.
  6. Ready-to-eat Food Products Processing Line Supported with Blast Freezers.  

Basic Enabling Infrastructure 

Supporting infrastructural facilities for the food park project include a smooth network of internal roads, water supply system, street lighting, sewerage, drainage, parking bays, weighbridge, etc. Here are noteworthy basic enabling facilities provided at MFP: 
  1. A convenient network of 60-feet wide internal roads to minimize time delays.
  2. A common ETP with a capacity of 2 MLD for the treatment of industrial and human waste. 
  3. Uninterrupted power supply through conventional internal distribution lines.
  4. A 100 MT weighbridge for the convenience of weighing produce and material. 
  5. A 60 KVA substation to easily supply power to Food Park through distribution lines.  
  6. Round-the-clock monitoring of activities with centralized security systems enabled with CCTVs.
  7. Access to the high-speed Wi-Fi network in the Food Park.
  8. Ample of parking bays for small and large-sized vehicles.
  9. Well-constructed street lights for ease-of-navigation in the Food Park.

Non-Core Infrastructure 

Additional or non-core facilities comprise a common administrative building, conference hall facility, primary health centre, canteen, hostels, etc. The final outcome of the non-core infrastructure is the establishment of a prolific business environment, meeting international standards.