PAGREXCO, mutually promoted by Punjab Agro Industries Corporation (PAIC) Limited and Punjab Mandi Board (PMB), is a company that is dedicated to leveraging the scope of organic farming in the state of Punjab. As a mandated agency, PAGREXCO is ought to implement the Organic Programme by providing institutional support to the organic farmers of the state under various GOI schemes. 

Organic farming is a system which maintains a strategic distance from or to a great extent rejects the utilization of manufactured sources of info, (for example, composts, pesticides, hormones, feed added substances and so on) and to the most extreme degree doable depend upon crop pivots, crop buildups, animal fertilizers, off-ranch natural waste, mineral evaluation rock added substances and organic arrangement of supplement preparation and plant insurance. 

Organic farming advances the utilization of yield turns and spread harvests, and empowers adjusted host/predator connections. Natural buildups and supplements delivered on the homestead are reused back to the dirt. Spread yields and treated soil excrement are utilized to keep up soil natural issues and fruitfulness. Safeguard bug and illness control strategies are worked on, including crop turn, improved hereditary qualities and safe assortments. Incorporated bug and weed the board, and soil preservation frameworks are significant instruments on a natural ranch. Naturally affirmed pesticides incorporate “characteristic” or other vermin the board items remembered for the Permitted Substances List (PSL) of the natural norms. The Permitted Substances List recognizes substances allowed for use as pesticides in natural horticulture. All grains, rummages and protein supplements taken care of to domesticated animals must be naturally developed.