In order to develop a program aimed at sustainable seed production by small seed potato farmers, PAGREXCO has implemented traceability of seed potato through digitization. The production data, software development, geo-tagging, real-time data management, field inspection, production and harvesting management, etc. have been developed in light of the traceability of seed potato. 

Additionally, PAGREXCO has implemented the European standards for the traceability system in seed potatoes. This is an ambitious project for the potato seed industry in Punjab and can act as a game-changer for the potato farmers who year-on-year incur losses due to exploitation at the hands of private companies, traders, etc.

To secure the enthusiasm of the Punjab farmers and maintain the state’s initiative position/picture as the biggest potato seed delivering state, the Department of Agriculture and Welfare, Government of Punjab will before long embrace confirmation and traceability of seed potato to guarantee ideal straightforwardness. This activity comes in the wake of corrupt components enjoying negligence of accumulating seed potatoes from different states and misbranding equivalent to Punjab Potato seed. This has prompted the loss of market for Punjab farmers at national and worldwide level. In such manner, Punjab Agri Export Corporation (PAGREXCO) will be selected as the redistributing office for undertaking traceability based seed potato affirmation through IT programming/module. 

To accomplish the twin target of recognizability and straightforwardness in the potato seed confirmation program, PAGREXCO would complete the traceability work through Agri based IT entryway. To begin with, the farmers’ information base will be digitized notwithstanding giving them access to specialized expertise on crop arranging and the executives, inputs, credit, post-reap the executives, esteem expansion, and improved market linkages. The brought together stage would likewise assist with catching all important data through a straightforward portable application and give the dashboard put together bits of knowledge with respect to the information caught in this manner guaranteeing traceability of the whole worth chain. When executed, this program is ready to turn into a distinct advantage for seed potato cultivators as it is intended to expand gainfulness for the farmers and limit chance through present day cultivating strategies. “Punjab produces around 27 lakh metric ton of potatoes every year and supplies around 60-70 percent seed potato to the household and worldwide markets. Our drive has been structured with sole expectation of shielding our farmers from further money related misfortune. We are certain that our deliberate endeavors combined with the shrewd utilization of innovation can effectively prevent the rapscallions from their insidious expectations”. 

“PAGREXO will guarantee that this seed potato recognizability and affirmation framework is executed from the coming potato season and they will make this undertaking monetarily self reasonable. The whole confirmation procedure will be overseen through programming and the guaranteeing authority would do the due affirmation through the product just with the goal that the whole straightforwardness is kept up and there is no extra leg work trouble on the farmer”, he included. 

So as to scale up this work just as to ensure the enthusiasm of little farmers of Punjab, PAGREXCO would attempt the exercises relating to marking and accreditation of the seed potato of Punjab, forward linkages inside India and abroad for showcasing and offer of Punjab potato seed, set up a research center for potato seed test testing, and so forth. 

Punjab potato seed is one of a kind as in it’s totally sickness free. They are delivered in an area which is liberated from earthy colored decay and ring decay, a sort of isolated ailment which causes the spoiling of tubers.