There is no established connection between the farmers and the certification agencies. Therefore, a gap in the communication channel is present between them. A digital platform is required to enable them to achieve complete transparency in the seed multiplication programs, ensuring traceability and best certificate-level quality produce. PAGREXCO is implementing e-marketing techniques and solutions in order to eliminate middlemen between farmers and these certification agencies. This modern way of marketing will help farmers educate themselves, build linkages with certified companies like Big Basket and Exporter, and get more realization.   

Bigger cultivators, especially those situated in major production areas, can seek after both of the two conventional advertising choices: wholesale fresh marketing or processing. Small-scale growers who discover these promoting roads shut down to them should adopt a direct-to-buyer strategy. This requires careful examination of the market and client conduct before arranging crop production. 

Some farmers generate profits by planting first and afterward searching for a market, yet this is very unsafe for products of the soil cultivators. There are unmistakably a larger number of disappointments than examples of overcoming adversity in this circumstance. In the event that you are another cultivator, or a set up one wanting to deliver another thing, you should initially endeavor to assess the market interest for the item and afterward choose which direct advertising channels will best address the issues of your customers. Your evaluations of benefit ought to incorporate the advertising channel costs just as creation costs. 

Small-scale growers should gather three sorts of data before choosing to produce and market fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  1. Decide and characterize the geographic zone where you will showcase new foods grown from the ground. Recognize likely clients before you research customer requests.  
  2. Evaluate the degree of unfulfilled interest among shoppers inside the characterized advertising zone. It is prudent to evaluate the sum that customers (purchasers) inside that market purchase at present. All the while, you will pick up understanding into how they may be better off.  
  3. Consider the competitive structure of your market. Knowing who your potential rivals are, the place they are found, and what administrations they give are significant snippets of data for you as another producer advertiser. Note potential contenders who may have advertising focal points (lower costs, better areas, and greater produce) or may give potential buyers comparative items. 

A few elements must be viewed as while picking an immediate promoting channel. Area can majorly affect an undertaking’s productivity since area influences the immediate promoting channel utilized just as the capacity to draw in clients.