Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork is a supply chain developed by PAGREXCO that connects farmers directly to the companies. The harvested produce is graded, sorted, and packed and then supplied to distant markets with minimum handling. Consequently, this gives farmers and producers better agriculture production and high ROI. 

Farm to Fork works with a mission to bring more exposure to farmers! It works in the direction of simplifying the process through which farmers can make the most out of their agricultural harvest.  

Farm to Fork is a three-section arrangement that will examine the procedure wherein food goes from development and creation to handling and, at long last, to getting ready and serving it to our families or guests. 

Farm owners and managers must make a promise to convey the most ideal quality items, while considering themselves responsible for how they get it going, regardless of whether in their business choices or in day by day activities. A mindful farmer or homestead supervisor has faith in having a positive effect in the network and complying with moral strategic approaches.

  • Safe working conditions and reasonable wages. Homesteads both inside India and in different nations are frequently situated in rustic zones. Rural farms sway their encompassing networks emphatically by offering work to the nearby inhabitants and elevating monetary advancement to improve the budgetary standpoint of the neighborhood network. Guaranteeing safe working conditions and legitimate work pay through reasonable wages are basic components of social obligation regarding any farm. 
  • Ethics and compliance. Laws and regulations are set to protect employees and residents of a community, so farmers need to stay informed and abide by regulatory requirements set by their local, state and federal government. Ethical practices upheld by the farm owners, operators and company executives set the tone for a socially responsible business.