Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leading manufacturer of beverages and food products, PAJL is processing the state’s horticulture produce while emphasizing the reduction of wastage of unsold produce. Both of the units perform processing of a wide range of tropical fruits and vegetables is done in the most efficient and environment-friendly manner.

The objective of the PAJL CSR Platform is to inspire and support the Punjab fruit juice industry to integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their business operations and core strategy. The vision of the  Platform is a thriving and resilient juice sector creating income stability and prosperity for all stakeholders involved in the global value chain. The Platform is designed to enable companies to collaborate on these global challenges.

A joint Collaborative Research Agreement has been signed by Punjab Agro Juices Limited (PAJL) with Punjabi University, Patiala (PUP) in 2017 for development of ‘LIMOPAN’. Accordingly, PAJL in collaboration with PUP developed a ‘LIMOPAN’ (a Nano-nutraceuticals product development from the Bio-waste of Kinnow fruit). A patent application for ‘LIMOPAN’ (Nutraceutical developed from the bio-waste of Kinnow fruit) has been filed in 2017 and the complete specifications of the joint patent have also been filed in 2018.

The Pomance (bio-waste of kinnow) collected from PAJL Plants has been dried from external sources; converted into powder form by PUP; SuperCritical Fluid Extractions (SCFE) has been done from various research & testing institutes throughout the country.

A trial on animals / chicks has been conducted through Sr. Nutritionist-cum-Head Department of Animal Nutrition, GADVASU – Ludhiana in 2016-17 and the  favourable report has been received. The Toxicology studies have been completed in 2018 at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Mohali (NIPER) and the product is approved by a GLP certified National Toxicology Centre.

In this regard, the ‘Expression of Interest’ for technology transfer / development of “Nano-Nutraceutical as Poultry Feed Supplement” had been invited for technology transfer. At present, PAJL is in final stage for transfer of technology i.e. “Nano-Nutraceutical as Poultry Feed Supplement” to M/s. Jaggernaut Hospitality Service, Pune (Maharashtra).

More precisely the Platform aims to promote:

  • A common understanding and agreement on CSR in the fruit juice industry, including areas to collaborate and ways to track progress.
  • Enhanced performance on addressing social, environmental and economic concerns creating shared value throughout the supply chain.
  • Greater visibility of CSR and sustainability efforts in the fruit juice sector.

Platform roles:

Facilitate & Support Collaboration

  • Facilitate the design, implementation and continuous improvement of various collaborative programs, when necessary.

Ensure quality and wide participation

  • Involve the whole juice supply chain: Ensure that the perspectives and experiences of all key stakeholders in the juice supply chain are taken into account.
  • Impact & Added value : Ensure progress is monitored and synergy between different collaborative programs is created.

Communicate and harmonize efforts

  • Ensure harmonization and alignment with other initiatives.
  • Provide one clear space and reference point to communicate the juice sector’s commitment, progress and best practices.

Both plants are equipped with well-functioning solar energy systems to ensure the use of renewable energy.

The chilka extracted from vegetables and fruits in our plants is used as the manure/organic fertilizers to enhance the fertility of the soil.